Our Solutions

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We Provide Service, Not Just Software

Every product that comes out of our premises into our clients have one purpose, provide what the client wants. We provide services custom to every client’s needs. We don’t develop a single software that fits all.


We Combine All Assets and Resources

We do at EuroBasket2007 do not just develop from scratch and exclusively from our own resources, we make sure we use all the available resources out there. We do this because our focus is pure and simple, and that is solving the client needs.


We Are Partners, Win or Lose

Our core values are all based in one principle, and that is profit sharing. When turnovers of the sportsbook and overall margins go up, when player count is high, when deposits are increasing, we both profit more. In this manner, both us and you, the client, has one goal in mind, and that is to improve on our services and products to gain more.


We Are Made to Be Flexible

The company and the people behind it are all trained and focused to build highly flexible solutions to every need. Our software programs are filled with optional modules that clients may not use or may wish to add. This way, we are assured that incompatibility is a non-issue.


We Support with No Limits

Our technical support relationship does not simply end after product or service delivery. All our products and services are packaged with lifetime support. This is our commitment to all our clients and partners.