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Senior Gambling – Why Our Seniors Love Gambling More Than Anything Else!

In the US gambling has become a common activity. Studies have been revealing a routine boost in the variety of people who are getting hooked on to gambling every year.

According to some findings, bettors invest more money on gambling than on other sort of products that include computer games, movie tickets, amusement park, and so on or any of these put together.


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Gambling in the Society

Since this time, there have been a variety of reports on how gambling has been permeating into the society. There are still many studies that are going on which still do not have proof and haven’t got their conclusions on senior gambling.

In about 10000 senior citizens, a study shows that bingo their leading favorite.


Senior Gambling

Senior population that are gambling has been increasing throughout the years. A couple of years back it was only about a twenty percent and now it has actually been raised to about half. This only shows to show that gambling is also increasing with the elders and not only the young.

Due to the fact that much of the elders have currently got their ‘savings’, you will find that a most of them have enough money to gamble and do not find it as a big risk economically.


Reasons Why They Gamble

For those who wish to know why senior gambling is getting appeal today, you can check out the list below, giving out the possible reasons why.


  1. Senior citizens do not have much to do in their aging and gambling is one activity which is pleasing in addition to being profitable at the time.


  1. Weakening chances and absence of attention for their social activities have also been a factor for the boost in the number of senior bettors. They find that gambling assists them in forgetting the hard truths that they are facing in life at least for a little while.


  1. Another reason why elders have the tendency to gamble more than before is that they have their retirement funds or savings and thus have enough money to squander on gambling. The more the cash in their hands, more are the possibilities of them having the ability to gamble.


  1. The majority of the senior citizens do not gamble for more money. They just gamble to have fun and get some fulfillment.


  1. There are also more benefits that the senior bettors can use and for this reason it is easier for them to gamble as well as enjoy the satisfaction.


If you come to think of it, most of the reasons listed are quite justifiable. Besides, these elders all deserve to have fun sometimes.


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The Fun in Gambling – Beyond Winning or Losing

Deciding to gamble with real cash means you are ready for some real risk taking actions. That means you now have techniques and plans in store and practiced to at least minimize those risks. Though there is absolutely no one master plan to win them all, knowing some techniques will surely come in handy for you. In fact, learning techniques from different sources will help you build your own techniques too. With that foundation and a couple of real time experiences, you will surely get to win at times. Here are some quick facts you will learn when you start your gambling journey.


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Playing blackjack for prizes at the 2010 Silverpop Client Summit


When you have found yourself in a live dealer casino, you will be able to see other players and the dealers themselves. This is a bird’s eye view of what is happening here and there. This is one good chance for you to observe and learn patterns.


Real Time

When you are into video poker, you will immediately realize that it is quite fast paced and highly realistic. This is a good training ground for your fast reactions and decision makings.



In big casino venues, you need to make an eye for those bonuses and freebies. In a gambling world, every little thing that is free is not at all little. So keep an eye on those and make sure you get a few of it.



When you gamble, always believe in luck. Once you believe in that, you will recognize the fact that there is such a thing as good luck and bad luck days. You can feel that especially if you take notice and note lose focus. So what you need to do is determine what state of luck are you in every time you gamble. When it is good, go ahead. But when your gut says otherwise, don’t hesitate to call it a night before you lose everything.


Enjoying a gambling night boils down to one thing – learning. You can win some, you will lose some, but never miss the chance to learn regardless of your outcome.