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Pro Player Tips – Count Like a Pro in Blackjack

Blackjack is truly a wonderful game to play. It spells fun, luck, and thrill. Though it is really fun, the game is not for everyone. It requires a sharp mind to achieve success in playing the game and a bit of cleverness in doing it. Today, we will try out counting cards in this awesome game of cards.


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Easy Yeah?

Card counting in Blackjack is not at complicated, just a bunch of plus ones, minus ones, etc. That truly sounds easy right? But it’s not. The counting is easy, but it’s not about counting the cards out loud, the complex thing is remembering all of it. The ability to remember the count is what separates the pros from the others.


Not Easy at All

At the first sessions, you will observe that it is quite easy to remember the counts. But after a few hours of playing, other factors sink in. You will forget. You will miss out the details. You can’t catch up to the dealer.


The Trick

But there is a trick to it. This trick is a guarantee to make your Blackjack life a little easier. You just have to familiarize this. It is about pairing counts with words you will need to memorize. See this:


  • +1 = Tree (it has one trunk)


  • +2 = Switch (two for on and off)


  • +3 = Stool (most have three legs)


  • +4 = Car (well, four wheels)


  • +5 = Glove (it’s got five fingers)


  • +6 = Gun (six deadly rounds)


  • +7 = Craps (seven means craps)


  • +8 = Pool (8 ball)


  • +9 = Cat (fortunate nine lives)


  • +10 = Bowling (ten total pins)


  • +11 = Football (eleven for each team)


  • +12 = Eggs (comes in 12/carton)


  • +13 = Witch (Friday the 13th)


  • +14 = Ring (14k gold for me)


  • +15 = Paycheck (15th of every month)


  • +16 = Sweet (young sweet 16)


  • +17 = Magazine (the mag “Seventeen”)


  • +18 = Voting booth (legal voting age is 18)


That’s it. Just memorize all these and in no time, you will be counting cards like a pro!